Our Sizing

Naxos Bikinis follows standard Australian sizing. However, sizes between brands of a same country do vary, so we do advise you to carefully check our size chart in addition to the conversions table to ensure that you select the size that suits your country’s customers.

How to find your size?

Use a tape measurer and ask a friend or a mirror to make sure your tape stays horizontal all around the circumference of your body. Skewed tapes will give incorrect measurements. Make sure you do not tighten the tape around the body, it should sit gently on your skin for a correct measurement.

Without a bra, measure across your chest at its fullest (across the nipples), making sure you do not compress the soft tissue.

This part is where bra bands would sit, right under the bust.

This is the narrowest part of your trunk, and the position varies for everyone.

This measure is often wrong, mistaken for where the hip bone sits. It is actually the widest part of your lower body. To find it, slide the tape down from your hip bone letting it loosen as the body widens until it no longer widens.

swimwear size chart

swimwear size figure